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A wide Range of Cremation Urns

Metal Urns

Cremation Urns is made by skilled artisans that  produce our quality collections of handcrafted funeral urn. also with through metalworking techniques that have been used for centuries.

Assisted by modern technology and manufacturing. also the artisans create works of metal urns art that are functional as well as a tribute to a life well lived. We offer these metal urns for ashes in steel, bronze, copper, pewter and more.

Wooden Urn

We have own manufacturing unit and finest woodworkers to bring our customers what we believe to be the best made wood urns found anywhere. Our selection of wood urns include: Classic and Value priced urns; Hand carved urns, Metal inlay wood urns, cutter work urns, Two Person (Companion) urns and Military urns. We use sheesham, steam beach, mango, acacia and other Indian woods. Our line of wooden  urns for ashes reflect the natural beauty of wood. Because of the natural grains of wood, no two of these urns are the same. For further personalization, most urns can be engraved or have a brass nameplate added. The warmth of natural funeral urns make this line one of our most popular. With so many styles of wood  urns we have something for every one’s personal taste.

You can find some very simple urns here that may appeal to a more contemporary taste. We also have wood urns that require a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to create with inlayed wood and fine beaded trim. The amount of time and skill that goes into each wooden urn will be a factor in the cost of each urn. The other factor is the species of the wood used. The equipment and tools needed to make some of the urns is very specialized. Our 3-D laser carved inlays are very unique cremation urns for ashes

From the beginning of time, wood has played an essential role in the history of civilisation with religious, ceremonial, practical and artistic purposes. Parents build wood cradles to protect their children, families live within wood-framed walls, and friends enjoy food and fellowship on wood tables and chairs. Wood is a beautiful, natural and useful gift to mankind for life. And it provides an elegant and memorable way to store the remains of your loved one’s ashes once they have passed on. That’s why we at have produced such a vast selection of wooden urns to protect the ashes of your beloved friend, spouse or family member.

Whether you are looking for a simple cremation urns, an ornate wooden urn or a unique wooden urn, we have something that will display a beautiful memorial to life. Browse through our lovely collection to see all the wooden urns for human ashes that we offer. Our lovely wooden urns are the ideal way to remember your special person. In choosing the perfect wood urn, there are some thoughts to consider.

First, our wooden urns come in a variety of different sizes. Our keepsake urns are designed to keep a token amount of ashes, our medium size urns will host one person, and our large or companion-sized urns can hold the remains of two people.

Second, we offer a variety of styles in our wooden urns. We have wooden urn box style chests in a variety of shapes and size, including cube, rectangular, hexagonal and more. Plus, we offer out vase-style wood urns, orb urns, frame urns, round wooden urns and more.

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We also have wood urns with many unique features to help memorialise your loved one’s personality, individuality and uniqueness. buy cremation urns from our website without any hesitation. we delivery at your door within 5 days.

Here are some design features to consider when looking for wooden urns for human ashes.

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