Wooden Urn For Loved One, Wood Funeral Urns For Ashes




  • Capacity                        =    220 cubic Inches
  • Material                        =     100% Hardwood Called Rosewood
  • Color                             =     Dark Brown With White
  • Item Weight                  =    2.500 kgs
  • External Dimension       =    6.25×6.25×11.25 inches
  • Brand                            =     Handicrafts House


Wooden Urn For Loved One, Wood Funeral Urns For Ashes,

Wooden Urn For Loved One built Built with hardwood. This is call Shisham Wood, Rosewood etc. It is designed with hands engraving all around like border. Perfect Loading- Opening system from bottom panel which is secured with 4 standard screws. Flower Engraving Wooden Urn quality is good and look very special.  Wood Boxes With Engraving For Human Ashes Urns are very attractive.

Our Handicraft unique, one-of-a-kind final resting box reflecting the wood’s inherent beauty.  Border Designed Urns can found in different colour.. You can shop our more Wooden Urns For Human Ashes from Click Here

Funeral Urns :

Funeral Urns is made from rose wood and finely crafted pieces featuring a breathtaking, realistic nature scene, expertly carved into three dimensions using. There is no paint on this urn. This will be a beautiful family heirloom for generations to come. It is master crafted in the OUR OWN MANUFACTURING UNIT by some of the most talented woodworkers.

  • True HANDS ENGRAVING to give a antique look.
  • Specially Design for Human or Pet Ashes. Solid and Perfect Urn for Human or Pet Ashes. Hairloom memorial decorative box.
  • 100% Beautiful handmade & handcrafted wooden cremation urn for human ashes adult made by skilled artisans is UNIQUE, DURABLE and AFFORDABLE
  • Funeral Urns for your loved ones. This Urn is made from Highest Quality Wood – Rosewood, famous for its Dark Brown Color with Dark Deep Strikes and Durability.
  • Perfect Loading : The Urns comes with bottom opening secured with 4 standard screws
  • Loading Capacity:- 250 Cubic Inches. Only the urn knows the last warmth of the passing soul, ashes wet with tears.
  • We have a unique selection of other Metal and Wood CREMATION URNS in our store Handicrafts House
  • Buy Funeral Urns With Confidence, This is a Solid Product Made of Natural Wood With Beautiful Grains for Long Lasting Decor Your Home Or Office.
  • Only the urn knows the last warmth of the passing soul, ashes wet with tears

This Beautiful Funeral Urns is carefully hand-carved to provide a elegant look and to conserve your precious memories. The engraved border design is beautifully engraved by our artisans to give a unique look to each urn. This urn comes with easy sliding bottom opening. Also available in other sizes.

Buy Funeral Urns with Confidence.

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When you will order to us, we will ship your order within 2-3 business days. and you will receive urn withing 5 days at your door.

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In Conclude: Border Designed Wooden Cremation box made up of natural color. Wooden Photo Frame have a good and high quality with 220 cubic inches.

Additional information

Weight 2.500 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 11.25 in


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