Wooden Hands Praying Cremation Urns for Ash




  • SKU                              =     HH-100
  • External Dimension      =     6.50×6.50×11 inches
  • Capacity                       =    250 cubic Inches
  • Material                        =    100% Hardwood Called Rosewood
  • Color                            =   Dark Brown With Yellow Three D
  • Item Weight                 =    1.700 kgs
  • Brand                           =     Handicrafts House



Wooden Hands Praying Cremation Urns for Ash

Wooden Hands Praying Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Adult designed and built with Hardwood (Rosewood, Shisham wood). Perfect Loading- Opening system from bottom panel which is secured with 4 standard screws. Hands Praying Urn quality is good and look very special. Human Ashes Urns are very attractive. You can shop our more Wooden Urns For Human Ashes from Click Here

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In Conclude  Wood Hands Praying Urns made up of 3d hands praying. Have a good and high quality in dark brown Color with the capacity of 250 cubic inches.

Additional information

Weight 2.500 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 34 in


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