Size of an Urn

Size of an Urn, What size urn do I need?

Just like people and pets, urns come in many different shapes and sizes. ¬†Please Note: When we refer to “healthy” weight, we mean a weight prior to any illness that may have resulted in weight loss, if applicable.

Keepsake Urns for Ashes are sized to hold a small portion of cremation ashes. When an individual sized urn is used to place the ashes in their final location, keepsake urns are often used in conjunction to keep a portion of the ashes close to home. Sometimes there are several friends of the deceased that would like to keep a token amount of the ashes and keepsake sized urns are a great way to help friends remember, as well as a cherished gift given by the family.

We get many questions about Urn sizing –

  • What is the standard size of an urn?
  • Whats size should an urn be?
  • How many cubic inches is an urn supposed to hold?
  • How big is an urn for ashes?
  • Refer to our chart below for the capacity of each size.

A good starting point is to find out what your loved one weighed before cremation. Each pound of weight will equal one cubic inch of ashes after cremation occurs. Thus, if the person weighed 180 pounds before his/her death, then you will need an urn that can hold 180 cubic inches or more of ashes.

The majority of our Urns hold 200-210-220 cubic inches of ashes.

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How does a cremation urn for ashes open and close?

How the urn opens and closes depends on the style and material of cremation urn. Some open and close with a threaded lid; this is more common in metal urns, like brass and copper. Wooden urns usually open from bottom with four secure screws.

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